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Forget what you know about typical banking or conventional loans, this is definitely not that.

Operating for over 15 years!




The privately funded wholesale lending program has funded billions of dollars over the past 15 years across a variety of industries including Real Estate Development, Technology, Infrastructure, Hotel and Resort Development, and Cannabis with a wide array of business initiatives.



  • Your capital is fully guaranteed and never under the lender’s control.
  • Credit scores are not relevant.​​
  • Loan is structured around your capital.
  • Minimum deposit is equivalent to $1M USD which generates a $4M loan.​
  • Your capital is fully guaranteed and never under the lender’s control.
  • ​48 month default term (longer is possible); Interest only quarterly payments.​
  • Any business at any stage in most industries can qualify. 



Unique Structure

With its interest only wholesale interest rate structure, coupled with the 100% security of keeping the required deposit in your own bank account for projects in excess of $50MM USD and a safekeeping security provided by Brinks or G4S this for projects less than 50MM USD this program is hard to compare let alone beat. Your deposit is not collateral and never under the lender’s control. The program has been purposefully designed to remove all risk from the transaction for the borrower. This lending program is IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN in the global financing market.

Unique Debt Financing

Operating since 2005 this wholesale lending program is now available to direct borrowers. This is a privately owned and operated wealth lending program that is unlike traditional banks, conventional lenders or venture capitalists.


The lender has invested significant time, effort and expense into structure the program in order to ensure the deposit you place is 100% fully protected which is not only paramount to the functioning of the program but is one of a kind in todays marketplace. For the past 15 yrs the lender has worked with World Class firms whereby they have drafted deposit agreement(s) that govern the deposit in escrow. The deposit is then further guaranteed by the issuance of a safekeeping receipt being issued from the largest security houses in the world: Brinks,G4S, Ferrari Group or Malca-Amit . This 100% guarantee structure is what we rely on and not the typical retail lending due diligence practices in order to bring the necessary confidence for our borrowers and their investors to enter this unique lending program.

World Class business partners like PWC, Brinks and G4S administer and secure the lenders program. The program has been intentionally designed in this way so as to remove all risk from the transaction by providing a 100% guarantee on the deposit. Knowing the deposit is not depleted or encumbered in any way, and is not used as collateral for the loan provides our borrowers and their investors with peace of mind. The deposit ALWAYS belongs to the borrower, it is never under the lender’s control and it is returned after the loan funds have been fully disbursed, HAVING NEVER LEFT ESCROW. The deposit in the end can be used in the project as the final 20%  of the budget or returned to the originating account, if using a 25% deposit for 100% project funding. 

How it Works

  • Once the project has been approved by the lender, the borrower will need to deposit a minimum of 20% of the projects budget in cash to commence the loan.
  • The credit facility that is created is equal to 4 times the deposit.
  • There are no personal or corporate guarantees, and the loan is is a non-recourse loan. 
  • The loan is interest only at the wholesale interest rate of Libor+2 with a 48 month term standard (extensions are possible). 
  • The interest is paid quarterly and must be kept up to date.
  • The lender offers flexible repayment terms including the option to convert to long term mortgage at the end of the term which the lender will hold.
  • There are no prepayment penalties.
  • For deposits of less than $10 million USD , the deposit is held in trust at HSBC London and for deposits greater than $10 million USD the deposit is held in the borrowers own bank account with “view rights only” for the lenders bank compliance officer. The deposit must not be encumbered in any way during the 12 month period.
  • When the loan is fully disbursed, the borrower’s capital is released.

Amazing Terms

  • ​​​Minimum deposit is $1M USD which provides $4M USD in funding
  • No maximum on the deposit and the Lender has funded billions
  • Default term is 48 months (72 months possible with extensions)
  • Interest only, with quarterly payments.
  • No personal or corporate guarantees.
  • There is a General Security Agreement on the project.
  • ​Any business at any stage in any industry can qualify.
  • Credit scores are not relevant.​
  • No prepayment penalties.
  • Very flexible repayment options.
  • ​Wholesale rate is LIBOR +2% , currently set at 3.5%


If you are interested in seeing if we can help fund your project and can confirm you have a minimum of $1M USD available for the deposit, being equivalent to 20% of the project, then download the Loan Request and the NDA forms to the right.

Complete both documents and send them back to us along with your business plan and pro-forma (3-5 year revenue projections). We will review your request and if pre-qualified, we will discuss the project with you, and then if you would like to proceed we will start the process of getting you a Letter of Intent (LOI) to fund your loan from the lender.


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